A Literary Voice for the Time

The Author tells the story of The Grand Budapest Hotel one thrilling adventure at a time, guiding his audience through many Zubrowka settings. The only character present (in body and in spirit) in all three periods of time throughout the film, Zubrowka’s “national treasure” provides a connection across eras through an emotion-filled narrative.  

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A Thirst for Art

The mischievous duo, M. Gustave and Zero, acquire quite an appetite for milk after stealing a valuable piece of art on set today. Got milk? Yes, indeed they do.  

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FOMO: The Fear Of Missing Out

It’s everywhere. That party you didn’t attend last night? Photos on Facebook. Hangouts you weren’t invited to? On Snap chat story. Suddenly your mood goes from a 10 to a 0. “Why were they hanging out without me?” “What did I miss?” Ladies and Gents, this is called the Fear Of Missing out. And now it’s time to get down and find out what it really means, is, and how to stop it from happening again. Read on!

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  Festival Playlist

Listen to the playlist here

MGMT // Time to Pretend 

Passion Pit // Carried Away 

Foster the People // Helena Beat 

Arctic Monkeys // Arabella 

Kings of Leon // Temple

Cage the Elephant // Come a Little Closer

The Kooks // Kids ( cover ) 

 The 1975 // Heart Out 

The 1975 // Me

Coldplay // Violet Hill

Angus and Julia Stone // The Beast

Bastille // No Scrubs cover

Beyonce // Drunk in Love 

City and Colour // We found each other in the dark

Daughter // Tomorrow 

Florence + the Machine //  What the water gave me 

Gabrielle Aplin // Please don’t say you love me 

The Rolling Stones // Paint it Black 

Kanye West // Black Skinhead 

Lana Del Rey // National Anthem 

Lorde // Tennis Court 

Rihanna // We Found Love

The Velvet Underground // Venus in the Furs

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By  Angel Dee // My Blog 

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i’d be scared shitless if i were them

It’s actually the most peaceful thing I’ve ever done. It’s nice not being able to touch the ground since I’m such a tall person, although I’m not the person in the picture, I have done it and it was the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world.

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Alex Kanevsky

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